Situated Practice

Situated practice & other complications. 

A monthly “reading” group in Leeds to explore participatory, site-sensitive and feminist-inspired approaches to art, design and architecture. We approach reading in its broadest sense: from close reading of a text, an object, an exhibition or a performance to doing, making, watching (a movie, an action, a movement, etc.).

3 November 2014
1 December 2014
5 January 2015
4.45pm – 6pm
Meet in Parkinson Hall cafe area, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds

Come and join us. Open to all.
Co-initiated with Bianca Elzenbaumer of Brave New Alps

05/01/15 Meeting:

For the next Situated Practice and Other Complications reading group, we are all bringing along an example of what for us embodies situated practice. This can be a piece of art or design (by us or others), but also something coming from our everyday lives. Our common plan is to then write a couple of lines together on what situated practice constitutes for us.

Next meeting:
Monday, 5 January 2015
4.45pm to 6pm
Foyer of the Brotherton Library

01/12/14 Meeting:

The reading for the 1 Dec 2014 meeting can be downloaded here: 
Julia Kristeva - Word, Dialogue, Novel
Donna Haraway -  Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of PartialPerspective

The two texts are by Donna Haraway and Julia Kristeva. As discussed, the plan is to read at least the Haraway one and to possibly make connections with practical projects while reading it. This will surely help us next time to discuss it in relation to art, design and architectural practice.

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